How can you highly securely and comfortably Send data?

What are the challenges?

Pressure from clients

69% of clients want to work digitally with their law firm.

Pressure to work efficiently

More productivity and efficiency lead to more billable output.

Confusing emails

Emails are insecure and confusing for everyone involved.

With IURIO you can

highly secure
Exchange files, information with clients, colleagues and partners.

Upload files with one click.

Edit files simultaneously. 100% editing and version control.

Transfer files to clients highly securely & quickly.

It's about time!

Always safe.
Because IURIO encrypts all data and information and thus also fulfils all requirements of the DSGVO and professional law.

Keep the best overview.
Manage your tasks, deadlines and assign tasks to your team.

Make yourself comfortable.
Send and receive messages with IURIO's highly secure chat.