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Here we collect webinars, tutorials and our thoughts around digitalization, cybersecurity, data sharing, collaboration, project management and task automation.

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Digital signature in IURIO

The qualified electronic signature procedure is designed to be as simple as possible. Practical tests with test persons over 70 years of age have shown that even older persons can use this procedure without additional explanations. The signature is confirmed by means of a Web ID query and is valid worldwide.



Stress-free and secure communication with clients. Your inbox can now take a vacation. From now on, communicate highly securely and efficiently where the work really happens: in the client's office. IURIO uses the most advanced and proven encryption technologies to ensure that only the people who really need to read your messages can do so.


Project templates

Relieve your employees and save valuable time and costs through more efficient processes. With IURIO, communication works significantly faster and more efficiently, saving up to 50% of the workload on average. Repetitive and standardizable tasks, such as e-mail follow-ups with customers, are saved by automatic notifications. Customized workspaces and efficient project management further facilitate the daily work routine.


Introduction for external users

Switching to IURIO couldn't be easier. Employees can fully utilize IURIO with just one hour of onboarding (for small to mid-sized law firms). The platform is designed so that it can be used by older generations.


IURIO Dashboard

Customers and clients expect the law firm to be digital and to advise him in digitalization. IURIO enables you to collaborate digitally, allowing you to present a modern and digital image to the outside world.


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