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IURIO for notaries

IURIO is the smart and highly secure solution for digital collaboration with your clients!

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IURIO Collaboration Suite

Digital notarization
and notarial deed

With IURIO, the notarial act and the certification can be designed completely digitally. The parties are identified by means of the Videoident procedure. A video conference is used to hold the appointment and documents are signed using an electronic signature.

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Electronic signature

The qualified electronic signature procedure is designed to be as simple as possible. Practical tests with test persons over 70 years of age have shown that even older persons can use this procedure without additional explanations. The signature is confirmed by means of a Web ID query and is valid worldwide.

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Location-independent and paperless collaboration with clients

IURIO enables you to collaborate digitally with your client. Your clients can easily and conveniently provide you with documents and files in the data safe and vice versa.

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Make client communication
more efficient

With IURIO, communication works significantly faster and more efficiently, saving up to 50% of the workload on average. From now on, communicate with your client directly in your project management system in a highly secure and efficient way. Repetitive and standardizable tasks are replaced by automatic notifications.

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The security of your data is our top priority. We use the latest encryption technologies so that no unauthorized person can access the data. All data is transmitted end-to-end encrypted and 100% GDPR compliant.

More about security

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Modern platform

A modern and digital image is becoming increasingly important for a notary's office. IURIO helps you to meet the requirements of your clients. The software is easy to use and can be applied without much training. So you take every employee in your law firm with you.

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Andreas Nabicht and Arnold Scherabon
About us

By lawyers, for lawyers

IURIO was developed by lawyers for lawyers, which means we understand your workflows inside out. IURIO thinks in workflows, not functions, and offers an all-in-one solution for law firms.

Linde Verlag supports us as an investor and with its strong network.

About us

Why our customers love IURIO

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For us, IURIO is not only a central component for establishing identity and identity verification, but in general a universally applicable tool for fulfilling the sovereign tasks assigned to notaries.

With IURIO, we have the entire digital process in our hands for the first time, without being dependent on third-party service providers or on mediation or advertising platforms.

Dr. Gerhard Knechtel

Public notary

Dr. Gerhard Knechtel PortraitDr. Gerhard Knechtel Portrait
Star Rating

Perfect advice and top support! The IURIO team understood our workflows right away. The solution is very adaptable to our needs and impressed us in a very short time. There are hardly any limits to the possibilities. Cost-effectiveness is always in the foreground. At the same time, maximum security for our clients' data. The collaboration suite offers intuitive application possibilities since the first minute without training and thus increases the comfortable and smooth usage.

MAG. Dimitar Zlatev

Simplify Tax Steuerberatung GmbH

Star Rating

Clear thing: The product is open, cheeky and flexible for individual wishes. And the most important thing: discussions and support at eye level. No puffery, but experts who challenge me on an equal footing. This is the only way to change old and inefficient structures. In short: not just standard solutions, but individual consulting with know-how from lawyers for lawyers. Thank you for that. I look forward to your, no our further development.

Manfred Keller


Manfred Keller PortraitManfred Keller Portrait
Star Rating

Right from the start, IURIO convinced me in two areas in particular: data security, both in exchanges within the team and with clients, and "mailbox hygiene", i.e. the noticeable reduction of mails and attachments. In the meantime, I particularly appreciate the support, the constant further development of the product and the fact that all of my cooperation partners have found their way around the tool immediately.

UNIV.-PROF. DR. Andreas Geroldinger

University Professor at the Institute of Civil Law

Manfred Keller PortraitManfred Keller Portrait
Star Rating

"IURIO presents itself as a partner that prioritizes the understanding of our processes and requirements."

Armin Hendrich

DLA Piper, Partner

Manfred Keller PortraitManfred Keller Portrait
Star Rating

"IURIO takes our workflow to a new level and also simplifies our work when interacting with our clients."

Florian Moises

Head of IT & General Office Manager

Manfred Keller PortraitManfred Keller Portrait
Star Rating

"IURIO is essential to me, it is the center of my bespoke work."

Catherine Bisset

Bisset, attorney at law

Manfred Keller PortraitManfred Keller Portrait
IURIO Notary Office
mon / EUR
from 94€
2,13 EUR / day
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Structured data exchange

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Video Call

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Onboarding, law firm banding

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Qualified signature

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our special package for notaries!

Become and remain a leader in your digital workflows as well.
Start identifying your clients yourself and at the same time, of course, you can conveniently have your clients identified by certified service providers. You decide.
Unlike current providers, we combine simplicity with security and this 100% GDPR compliant.

With IURIO-Notariat you finally have a solution that meets the requirements of your industry.

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Switching to IURIO
is very easy

Switching to IURIO couldn't be easier. Employees can fully utilize IURIO with just one hour of onboarding (for small to mid-sized law firms). The platform is designed so that it can be used by older generations.

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