Data rooms in the cloud - Why every lawyer should work with it

March 3, 2021
5 min
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With a data room, you can access your documents anytime and anywhere. This leads to an immediate increase in efficiency - not only in the internal workflow, but also in the work with your clients. Here is an overview of what you should know about the use of data rooms.

A data room is a very practical thing. This has not only become common knowledge among many private users in recent years, data rooms are also very popular in everyday business life. Perhaps the best-known provider here is Dropbox. However, at the latest since the DSGVO came into force, its use by companies must be viewed very critically. It is even more delicate for lawyers, since in addition to data protection, the much stricter professional law must also be observed. Despite all this, however, lawyers and tax advisors do not have to forego the use of data rooms - provided they choose the right provider. Legal tech tools such as IURIO offer their users from the legal sector secure cloud solutions with all the associated benefits for an uncomplicated workflow. Anytime and anywhere.

Data room - what is it anyway?

A data room is a virtual place in a cloud where digital documents and files can be stored. You can access this data safe from anywhere - whether in your home office, on the train or in the office. At IURIO, the name of the safe really says it all, because we work with highly secure client-side encryption, which is even more secure than end-to-end encryption.

The unbeatable advantage of a data room is the possibility to give other people access to certain data. IURIO works with different access rights so that you, as the owner of the data safe, always have control over who can view and change which files and how. A data room can therefore do much more than just store files, and this facilitates internal and external collaboration with colleagues and clients.

Common concerns are unfounded

Despite all these advantages, certain myths about the use of data rooms persist. Above all, the issue of security often causes great concern. However, data rooms in the cloud that meet certain requirements, such as IURIO, are in many cases even more secure than on-premise solutions. And the clients? Do they even want to work with their lawyer in a data room? The concern that this would mean imposing another tool and another app on their clients against their will is completely unfounded. According to surveys, 69% of clients want a lawyer with whom they can work together digitally. And that goes far beyond communication via email. The ability to share data collaboratively is a sign of a law firm's innovative mindset today - and will become a basic requirement in the future due to the advancing digitalisation of the entire industry.

For the small and large projects

Data rooms bring order to large, complex projects to which several people need to have access at the same time. But they are also just as suitable for very small mandates. Their management is usually very time-consuming despite their relatively small size. Data rooms reduce the administrative effort and the necessary correspondence with individual clients via e-mail and at the same time automatically create a clear structure. With IURIO you can create as many data rooms as you need. Every mandate, no matter how small, is given its own space in the cloud. This saves your inbox and makes the entire work process much more efficient. And what works so well for the small things, of course also works for the big things.

Data rooms reduce the administrative effort and the necessary correspondence with the individual clients via e-mail and at the same time automatically create a clear structure.

The IURIO data room: networked, linked, encrypted

IURIO is a data room that was developed specifically for the needs of lawyers. The focus is on the following functions:

  1. Data safe in the cloud: You can always access the IURIO data safe. In addition, you are not tied to a specific end device and can work from your smartphone with the app. This means that particularly urgent matters can also be dealt with quickly on the move and important information is easily available at all times.
  2. Clear interface: You can see exactly which data can only be accessed by yourself and which is also intended for the client or even an opposing law firm.
  3. Highest security: The special encryption not only fulfils the guidelines of the DSGVO, but also all professional requirements.
  4. Automatic versioning: This function represents an enormous gain in efficiency. Different versions no longer have to be created laboriously by hand, but are created automatically by IURIO. So everything remains clear and long searches are a thing of the past.
  5. Tracking: With tracking, you always have an exact overview of who has edited or downloaded which documents and when.
  6. Linking tasks with documents: Who still has something to do in which document? Thanks to the linking of tasks with documents, all users know at all times what still needs to be done and who is responsible for it.

In the IURIO data safe you can not only store files, but also create new documents with Microsoft Office. All persons who have the appropriate access rights can access and edit these files - and this also works simultaneously. The changes made can of course be tracked at a glance, which saves additional time.

In the IURIO data safe you can not only store files, but also create new documents with Microsoft Office.

For each of your projects, you can create a separate workspace with an associated data safe. You decide who can work in it and who can access the files stored in it.

This is why data rooms make so much sense for lawyers

All well and good, but what does using a data room like IURIO mean for your work? A lot, and above all numerous advantages:

  1. The features make your daily work much more efficient. You can do more things in the same amount of time, which leads to an immediate increase in turnover.
  2. Specialised legal tech providers like IURIO increase the level of data security. So you no longer need to worry about how to keep your files as safe as possible.
  3. Your clients can see the results of your legal work - which is largely the creation and processing of documents - clearly at any time and under particularly high security precautions.
  4. In most cases, communication and transfer of data between lawyer and client currently take place via email. This leads to a daily flood of messages in the inbox that have to be organised and their attachments downloaded and sorted. In addition, the use of email is actually far too insecure and most providers do not support large file attachments over ten megabytes. Using a data room reduces this daily mass of
  5. messages and at the same time solves the question of how larger files can be exchanged with each other in a secure way.
With its features and high security standards, IURIO is a data safe you can really rely on in your daily work. You can test whether the tool is really just right for your workflow easily and without obligation with our free demo version.

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