Why you should get involved with legal tech now

January 12, 2021
5 min
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While digitalisation is already part of everyday life in most areas of life and professions, the field of legal advice is only slowly getting to grips with the issue. There is still too much uncertainty when it comes to data protection and security. At the same time, legal tech opens up numerous new possibilities for increasing efficiency, and so there is no way around digitalization in legal practice in the long term. It is therefore better to take the first steps towards digital project management and workflow today rather than tomorrow. With IURIO, you can easily collaborate with your clients, share important data, work on Microsoft Office documents at the same time, and send and receive messages - all in compliance with the highest security standards and DSGVO-compliant.

What is legal tech?

A basic problem in the discussion about legal tech is that there is no uniform definition of the term. This makes it difficult for lawyers to find their way through the jungle of law firm software solutions offered by different start-ups and to compare them directly with each other. In principle, however, legal tech refers to all types of lawyer software and digital tools that make law firm work more efficient and save costs at the same time. And what already started a few years ago with databases and administration software can do much more today.

Legal tech increases efficiency and satisfaction

We already know it from other areas: Anything that makes our lives easier, we would not want to do without after a short time. This also applies to legal tech for all parties involved, lawyers and clients alike. Anyone who brings a new legal tech tool into their law firm can therefore pursue three goals at once:

  1. Increase efficiency in working with existing clients and thus earn more money by spending less time. Even if solutions like IURIO cannot save 1000 working hours with individual features at the push of a button, it is the sum of all the small improvements that makes a big difference in the end. Although this principle of "aggregation of marginal gains" originated in professional cycling, it can also be applied to the effects of a lawyer's software in terms of cost savings and prospects of success (source: Legal Tech Report 2020).
  2. Your existing clients can be better retained by your firm through an easy-to-use workflow tool. They see an unbeatable benefit for themselves in digital collaboration and will always prefer you and your firm to competitors without a client communication tool.
  3. With legal tech on offer, it is also easier for your law firm to win new clients. Tools such as IURIO not only demonstrate an innovative way of working, but are also generally convincing across the board.

To see the increased need for digital tools throughout the legal workflow, just look at the facts: According to the latest Legal Trends Report, 69% of clients want a lawyer or attorney with whom they can collaborate digitally. The current COVID 19 pandemic has also shown that virtual collaboration is becoming increasingly important - well-prepared digitization concepts are naturally preferable to short-term stopgap solutions. Another reason why it is time to start thinking about legal tech now.

Lost time in the search for the all-rounder tool

But why are most law firms so hesitant or reluctant to take the leap into digitizing certain processes? After all, they risk that the high-speed train of digitalisation will leave without them and that they will suddenly find themselves on the sidelines. In addition to the concerns about data protection and professional law, the search for the proverbial "egg-laying willow" - i.e. the one tool that covers all areas - also plays a major role. At present, it can be said with certainty that such an application does not exist and perhaps never will. One reason for this is the specialization of the individual tools in certain areas, which is necessary for cost efficiency and usability.

"Today's trends are tomorrow's standards. Today, no one considers whether a smartphone is a sensible purchase."

So, if you find an app that generally fits your workflow and digitizes important parts of your day-to-day work, it is and always will be the right tool for you and your law firm. To find that, you may have to try out one or two programs. However, this usually does not involve a lot of effort. Demo versions allow you to test different tools without making an immediate, long-term commitment. So instead of wasting your time looking for the perfect solution for everything, focus on specific features that are particularly important to you.

One thing can be said with certainty: Today's trends are tomorrow's standard. Just as no one today considers whether the purchase of a smartphone actually makes sense, legal tech tools will be part of everyday law firm life as a matter of course in a few years' time.

Legal Tech for your law firm with IURIO.

Before you jump enthusiastically into the vastness of offers in the legal tech sector, you should be clear about what you really need for your law firm. After all, the digitalization of certain areas should actually make your work easier, save resources and offer added value for your clients - and in any case not be unnecessarily complicated. To achieve this, the software must be able to do exactly those things that you really need. If you're not quite sure about the necessary requirements that are crucial for you when choosing a legal tech tool, we can recommend the Nerds of Law. They not only offer exciting content on legal tech, but also individual advice on finding a suitable digital solution.

You don't want to waste any more time and want to try IURIO as soon as possible? Then we would be happy to show you how you can use IURIO in your everyday life without any obligation. Arrange your demo appointment with us here!

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